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Legacy Protective Services is dedicated to providing Security Professionals for all situations.

From sporting events, to medical facilities, to the high end retail shopping centers. The professionals from Legacy Protective Services are trained and equipped to handle all your security needs and requirements.

Services we provide:

Uniformed Security Guard Services

Legacy Protective Services, Inc. is prepared for a wide range of standing guard posts. From the basic construction site to the highest-security site, Legacy Protective Services, Inc. is a recognized leader in the Security Provider Business. We can provide uniformed personnel for any event or post.
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Patrol Services

Legacy Protective Services, Inc. provides regular vehicle patrol services in a variety of areas. We provide random vehicle patrol services to Corporate Office Buildings, Retail Shopping Centers, School Districts, and Municipalities.
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Event Staffing

We have serviced the financial, retail, corporate and educational institutions for many years. We have provided security for many large public sporting, fund raising, and high profile events.
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Gate House Guards or Front Desk Hosts

Our staff or professional well trained personnel are perfect for posts that require a lot of client and public interaction. Our personnel are friendly and courteous and will enhance the image of your business and reduce the number of incidents and complaints.
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Gated Community Patrol

Your tenants will feel more secure with our professional security personnel patrolling their community. We strive to find permanent long term personnel for our private communities because we find the residents like to get to know the security personnel. The residents feel more confident when they have a personal long term relationship with the security personnel.
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Parking Enforcement

Legacy Protective Services, Inc. recognizes the importance of controlling parking in our major metropolitan areas. We can provide professional personnel to monitor and manage your limited parking areas. From simple monitoring to active vehicle towing we have the right personnel for your property.
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Specialized Multi-Unit Communities Services

Many Apartment and Condominium complexes require additional services and interaction with residents and guests, Our personnel are highly trained in crisis management and workplace violence procedures. They understand the delicate nature of dealing with residents in a domestic setting and have a demonstrated ability to work closely with property managers to mitigate any potential issues effectively and professionally.  We become an active member of your property management team.
Learn more about Multi-Unit Communities Services

School Guards

We proudly provide background-checked, thoroughly trained and well-supervised guards for over 30 California schools.  We teach our guards to evaluate each school, situation, or school event to determine the best proactive approach to each shift. 
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