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Multi-Unit Community Services

Many Apartment and Condominium complexes require additional services and interaction with residents and guests.  Our personnel understand the delicate nature of dealing with residents in a domestic setting and have a demonstrated ability to work closely with property managers to mitigate any potential issues effectively and professionally. We become an active member of your property management team.


Legacy Protective Services guards carry Smartphones allowing them to be more productive and cost efficient for our clients.  Through the capability of Smartphones, our clients always know where their security guards are and how they are performing. 

  • Electronic Reporting-Our Security Officers write their daily activity reports in the field using their Smartphone as they patrol your property.
  • Pictures-Security Officers take numerous photos during each and every patrol that provide the date, time and location the picture was taken.
  • Audio Recordings-Security Officers have the ability to take audio recordings of residents' noise complaints during their patrols.  This allows property managers the ability to take corrective actions if necessary.  The audio recordings are stored per individual unit or property location.  Allowing managers to easily access detailed records of previous complaints and issues.
  • Management Access-Managers and designated individuals have access to the reporting system 7 days a week, 24 hours a day from any computer or Smartphone with web access.  Giving management the comfort in knowing they can view reports, photos or any maintenance issue anywhere, anytime.

Our security officers are trained to take detailed reports regarding daily activity on client's properties, both routine and unusual.  Our company has designed a system that will instantly notify you via email of any incidents.  You can customize the reports to suit your individual needs.  The reports include detailed information including photos and audio recordings that are date and time stamped the moment they're taken.    You will no longer need to wait until the end of the day, week or month to be notified of an incident and question whether or not your security provider was actually at your property.


Our security officers are trained to report any and all maintenance issues on our client's properties.  The maintenance reports contain detailed information including date and time stamped pictures of the problem.  The reports can be emailed directly to your maintenance personnel, and our system allows you to track the correction of the problem. 

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